Gnezdo Organic is not just a plain restaurant although the preparing and the serving of food and beverages produced of organic ingredients is one of its main features.

Gnezdo is a concept that is a fusion of healthy reasoning and modern lifestyles. A group of friends, who grew up in a country renowned for healthy food at the time, has decided to bring back to their city the spirit of the past and promote in a right manner something that we have forgotten in recent years – that we have a unique area enriched with the healthiest foods. Not only will our guests enjoy delicious meals in that journey, but also a possibility to organise and participate in programmes focused on the improvement of health and the promotion of organic food production. Nowadays the farming and the breeding in a traditional way and in accordance with all organic food production standards are considered significantly hard an enterprise.

The food that we used to have on our tables daily has become a rarity. Luckily enough there are diligent people in Serbia who give their very best to survive within the difficult undertaking such as the organic food production. The team of Gnezdo visited all organic farms across Serbia and were convinced of the accuracy of all components of farming and breeding. A cosy living space was hidden in one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Belgrade, in Karadjordjeva Street, which was refurbished and turned with little effort into a place creating an ambience which ideally supports everything that Gnezdo wishes to present. The restaurant and the neighbouring area oversee the magical Savamala slowly becoming one of the favourite city sites where authentic buildings, the river and the city hubbub cross-cut. Everyone who has ever walked along Savamala streets is aware that it is an isolated system full of details inviting our attention and respect.

Gnezdo is open every weekday, but Mondays, from 12 p.m. to 12. a.m. Our guests can enjoy uniquely designed combinations of organic food and beverages refined with sofisticated jazz and soul sounds. In addition to main courses the menu will always include soups, salads and sandwiches of organic produce. The idea is to prepare well-known meals, and not tasteless and unvaried food. The only difference will be in quality of ingredients. The first week menu will, thus, entail the following main course meals: organic chicken with vegetables and coconut; rolled veal with juniper and thyme; turkey sauté with wild mushroms; and organic chicken meal salad. The menu will be dynamic, changing every week given that the supply of organic foods is quite unpredictible. On weekends during lunch time the space will be filled with the most beautiful sounds played live. This small oasis is entered from the top of the staircase leading from Karadjordjeva Street to Kosancicev venac.